Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallows Eve

Halloween 09

Halloween 09
This pictures where taken at The Central Park Pumpkin Festival in 2009, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend to the 2010 I don't remember why, but this year believe it or not it was actually snowing here in New York City plus Mani was sick with the flu so sadly we weren't able to attend again. On Saturday we went to the mall with our friends to grab lunch at Applebee's and then to Best Buy to buy the new season of Robot Chicken and my Sims 3 Pet's copy.

Boo earrings :)

Halloween colors :)

Halloween spirit mood!
 Yesterday I decide to get my Halloween inspired nails to go with my boo earrings that I wore at work today, sadly I didn't get to buy a custom for me or my dog or go trick or treating today. I hope next year I plan things how they are suppose to be and not leave everything at last minute, while I'm writing this I got the feeling that I'm getting a sore throat so I'm not surprise that I'm getting sick too. I hope everybody had a great Happy Halloween!


Dawn said...

Love the crackle nails. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

Nee said...

hope you had a good halloween:)
just discovered you blog and i really like it:) following you now! hope you like my blog too:)


Mona M. said...

your nails are amazing..great style!
Have a nice day,dear <3

Magical Day Dream said...

The pumpkins are really cool!