Monday, October 10, 2011

Flushing Meadows Park Lake

Yesterday it was a beautiful day, we had a perfect 85 °F degrees outside to be exactly which I was kind of surprise. I was soo happy that I woke up Mani early so we take our Spunky to the park before it gets colder since he's extremely sensitive to really high and really low temperatures  (yes, he's a really complicated dog) and of course to hang out in my favorite park. So, we couldn't let this opportunity pass.



Before I started deciding what I was going to wear I already had this outfit on mind, I bought this dress a while ago and I was waiting for the perfect moment to wear it. I paired with my favorite moccasin, a headband and a necklace to make it simple for this warm weather, Spunky was soo excited to go to the park, we haven't been here in a while ( at least for 2 years) I know... I know this is my favorite park but, the reason was that we were living in a different place before so it was too far for us to come here on the weekends or whenever we wanted to.

Nicole & Spunky

After spending a beautiful afternoon at the park on our way home we decided to stop by our favorite Italian ice place called: " The Lemon Ice King of Corona" and grab some Italian ice, it was delicious! If you ever want to try them in my opinion this is the official place, they have over 30 different flavors which is crazy! Saying good bye to the summer makes me sad, i'm going to miss days these like this one when you wear a dress bare legs and eat some ice cream. So, I guess this is a last goodbye to Summer and hello again to Autumn, I hope everybody have a nice Columbus Day!



What I wore:
Forever 21 dress ( old)
Minnetonka Moc Casual Shoe
Forever 21 necklace ( old)
Essie Nail Polish Russian Roulette