Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first year to an end

Hello everybody! Before I start talking about the reason of my post title, first I just want to say Happy belated 4th of July! and I also wanted to let you know that Sunday was The Owl Girl 1st Blog Anniversary. I am really happy that this blog just turned one year but really sad that has come to an end :(. Yeah as sad as this sound I'm letting my beloved blog go... The reasons are because I been really busy with work and my  constantly personal schedule changing does not let me keep up with the blog and events that I wish I could attend all the time, also spending time with my favorite girls in the world (Tessa, CrisNicole, Kimberly, Lindsay & Pamela) has been decreasing with time due to this little problems that i'm having now. To my readers thanks for all the support and comments that you have give this whole year, it really means a lot to me and my beloved girls thanks for your friendship, comments and advice that you all had gave me during this time I know that I will be seeing all of you soon!  Our friendship doesn't end here, I love being your friend and hanging out with ya'll! My love for blogging has not end at all, I hope I can come back soon but with a new direction and a new purpose. Thanks all for everything and I really hope Ill see you again.

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