Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Post

Delia on the Mushroom
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Hello! My name is Nicole and I'm the blogger behind The Owl Girl. Most of you would be wondering. Why I decide to create a blog? Well, after spending two years following and reading my favorite blogs, being so inspired by these lovely ladies made me finally realize how much I wanted one. Now, here I am. My blog would be mainly about my outfits,pictures and adventures with once in a while a little bit about everything else that inspire me like music,movies and food. I will be posting once or twice a week if i'm lucky due to my job schedule. Nothing would make me more happy if you can follow me trough my blogging journey. So I hope to see you around! Bye!


Dawn said...

Hi Nicole this is Dawn. Nice to meet you. Found you at The Delightful Dozen. I am following along with you. Visit me and join my giveaway. You can choose between 5 Coach bags. Have a great weekend and join twobirds blog for Inspiration MOnday where we dress like a celebrity and link up. You can find their button on my blog. Welcome and have fun. Dawn xo